What is the difference between working as a realtor in Italy?


To make the process of buying and selling real estate in Italy a joy, it would be nice to know the "inner kitchen" of real estate life. Now let's figure out what the Italian realtor is responsible for, what guarantees of the transaction and how the bargaining and the transaction generally take place.

It so happens that the buyer and the seller have agreed between themselves and decided that they do not need an intermediary. But in practice, the deal requires a lot of nuances, Italian laws, language (for immigrants). Ultimately, the transaction process is not proceeding as expected. Where the failure occurs and the parties to the transaction decide to contact a certified Agent. And often this leads to considerable expenditures in the flesh up to 100,000 euros (if, for example, the total living space on the villas has illegal walls!)

One article cannot describe all the pitfalls of a deal in Italy.

In my experience, even local Italians prefer to work with a realtor, not to mention foreigners. A serious professional agency has a license, it must be!

The license is an additional protection of the interests of the parties in the transaction with Italian real estate. In addition to the license, we, for example, insure against criminal and civil claims. The insurance costs around 1,800 euros per year.

A certified realtor can conclude preliminary agreements, be present as an official in a transaction with a notary, request and receive documents on real estate.

Yes, you can make deals without a realtor - no problem. But it's better to buy your dream property without stress !!!