Calabria-Meca for lovers of outdoor activities and ecotourism

This province is worth visiting, if only because it is very beautiful here. And also because this region is the southernmost in Italy, of course, not counting Sicily.

Calabria is continuous hills and mountains, endless chains of mountain peaks that alternate with each other. They smoothly descend to the sea, leaving very little plain where small but turbulent rivers flow. Despite the fact that Calabria has access to the seas, the region does not have large enough ports, but the seas have made the climate of the region truly Mediterranean.

In ancient times, this territory belonged to the Brutis tribes, then to the Greeks and Romans. It was only during the time of Charlemagne that the region received its current name Calabria.

The most popular destinations in Calabria are the coastline and the highlands. In Reggio Calabria, you can visit ancient castles and forts, see museums dedicated to the history and culture of the region.
For lovers of the blue sea, warm sun and excellent beaches, you can visit Tropea, Scilla, Capo Vaticano and the island of Capo Rizzuto.

The windows of the Calabrian houses have excellent views of the delightful landscapes that are impossible to see enough.

Have you been to Calabria? If not, then it's time to buy a house and enjoy life!