Calabria is one of the cleanest places in Italy

Calabria is located at its very toe of the Apennine Peninsula and is washed by the waters of four water areas: the Gulf of Taranto, the Strait of Messina, the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas.

These are also golden beaches and a divine maritime climate. Therefore, many tourists and lovers of comfortable resorts like to come here. Calabria is not only beaches, it is a hilly and mountainous area on the lands of which fertile bushes and trees of figs and olives grow.

Did you know that the poet Gabriel d'Annunzio called one of the sections of the beach, located in the city of Reggio de Calabria, "the most beautiful kilometer of all Italy."

Calabria is deservedly considered one of the cleanest regions not only in Italy, but throughout Europe. There is clean water, and the beaches are simply heavenly, the sand is white, and the sun is soft and gentle.

Calabria subsists on tourism and agriculture. Wheat, olives, potatoes, figs and grapes grow well here. Winemaking is very popular among the people of the region. From here, several hundred barrels of wine were always sent to the Papal Table.