Mobile homes and why they are popular in Italy

Although most of us prefer the comfort, a large house, with a garden and a swimming pool, but there are other houses adapted to different lifestyles: for example, a mobile home.

Traveler is a small mobile home on wheels, ideal for those looking for a comfortable itinerant life.

These houses are just over 8 meters long and have an internal living area of about 30 m2. The first thing that distinguishes modern mobile homes is its appearance: it looks like a very cozy home, the inside is beautifully designed.

In particular, in many houses, the interior space is organized on two levels, connected by a wooden staircase. On the ground floor there is a kitchen with various functions and appliances, a stove, a fridge-freezer, a large sink, cabinets and shelves.

The staircase is the first thing you see when you enter the house. Its function is very important, not only because it gives access to the top floor, but also because it acts as a container module.

The ground floor also has a table, folding table and, of course, a bathroom. A staircase leads to the sleeping area. Now these houses are becoming very popular.