What is the most popular thing that Italians constantly talk about?

About cappuccino, of course! Did you know that cappuccino cannot be ordered in the afternoon, i.e. after noon? Why? I am telling for tourists and visitors! In Italy, cappuccino is a morning drink and is complemented by a tasty treat such as a croissant.

Make no mistake - you will be laughed at if you order cappuccino with a plate of pasta

Yes, you will simply be taken out of the restaurant under the white hands))) This is a joke, of course, because Italy is the most friendly and intelligent country! But every guest of the cafe will try to explain that you are doing stupidity!)))

But at the end of a delicious lunch, a cup of "normal" coffee is permissible - espresso

What else seems strange to Italians?

In Russian - salad at the beginning of a meal! Honestly, I could not put up with this unspoken rule for a long time, but the fact remains: in Italy, salad is eaten exclusively for the second as a side dish. If you ordered salad and pasta, then first they will bring you pasta, and only then only the salad.

Another observation of mine. Italians never wash down food with juice or compote)). In Russia, it is customary to drink food with everything that pours. In Italy, they order water, wine, beer, cola and no spirits at lunch! Any strong alcohol only after lunch or dinner as a digestif, that is, to improve digestion. In southern Italy, limoncello is often used in the afternoon. Have you tried limoncello?

You may or may not follow the rules of eating, but we are in Italy, or you will be in Italy, so let's live like Italians) and we will not drink coffee with milk pizza.

Personally, I don't do that, do you?