Castle of Charles of Anjou in Naples

Naples is a city that does not leave anyone indifferent. Someone does not like it, for someone it is the best city in the world.
A city with a harsh character, and castles, of which there are several, confirm this. I will talk about one of them today.

The ancient castle of Charles of Anjou, located on the shores of the Gulf of Naples. An interesting story of the appearance of the castle: the King of Sicily, Charles I of Anjou, had an unusual idea: what if the capital of his empire was built outside of Sicily, and let it be Naples!

Naples is so Naples and in just three years they are building a luxurious castle-residence with claims to grandiose plans to conquer the world.

The unspoken name of the castle is "New". But what is sad, the king constantly fought and so did not see the rebuilt mansions.
Then it's like in the movies: a new heir and new reconstructions of the building, which had everything: blood, sex, sieges and alcohol.

The most cruel and bloody series in the history of Nuovo Castle was the episode with Ferdinand I of Aragon, who found out about the conspiracy being plotted against him.
For this, he invited the instigators of the uprising, who were whispering in the corners in the person of the most important barons, under the guise of celebrating the wedding of his niece. But instead of a festive pizza, he treated them to execution, naming one of the rooms in honor of this event - the “Hall of the Barons”.

Here is the history of the castle.