Duel "live chess" in Italy

In the Italian city of Marostica (Vicenza province), an old holiday is being held - a chess tournament with live pieces. Every two years, thousands of tourists come to the theatrical performance in Marostika to see the historical chess game with their own eyes. The town of Marostica is located a little over an hour northeast of Verona.

The tournament has a curious legend. ⠀

Once upon a time, two young men from the local nobility fell in love with the daughter of the owner of the castle, Taddeo Parisio. Not dividing the girl, the young people decided to fight for the beauty in a duel. The father of his daughter was a humane person, he felt sorry for the young men, and he invited them to settle the dispute by playing a chess game. The winner will marry the eldest daughter of the owner of the castle, and the loser will marry the youngest daughter of a noble family. But the father did not know that the eldest beauty was secretly in love with one of the competitors, and therefore her happiness directly depended on the outcome of the game.

On the day of the "duel" Taddeo ordered to paint the square of the castle with chess cells, called knights, dancers, musicians, fakirs, clowns and organized a big city party

The game was successful: there were living soldiers, arrows and knights in the form of chess pieces. And the winner was the same beloved. Daughter Parisio, who was watching the party, turned on the light in her room - this meant that her chosen one was chosen.

The first such tournament in Italy was played in Marostika in 1494, then it was forgotten. And in 1954, they decided to resume the historical tournament: scenography, costumes and a new version of medieval romantic history were invented by the Italian artist and architect, former futurist Mirko Vuchetich. The choreography and details of the show change annually, but the historical costumes of the actors of the motorcade (600 persons) are carefully preserved.

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