What you need to know to avoid fraud when paying for electricity and gas in Italy

I always wish my clients peace of mind and a happy life when choosing real estate and try to protect them as much as possible from all sorts of troubles

In this article I will tell you how, on the eve of the winter season in Italy, not to run into trouble when bills for electricity and gas come and what you should pay attention to when choosing tariffs.

In Italy, opaque proposals and aggressive sales methods can make the selection of an electricity and gas supplier very difficult. If, on the one hand, the fear of being deceived often prevents consumers from changing the contract, on the other hand, the desire to save money sometimes leads to the fact that consumers begin to behave inadvertently and fall into traps. You need to be especially vigilant with sales representatives who come home and when selling by phone or mail.

If you receive a call and appear to be employees of the supplier's call center, you should be wary if the seller vaguely introduces himself and the company, as well as if you have doubts about information without providing exact figures about consumption rates, as well as excessive insistence on concluding a contract

If, supposedly, a "company representative" can come to your home and persuade you to sign a new contract under the pretext of the need to apply the update and ask to look at the invoices. Be carefull! The update is automatic and there is no need to sign any documentation. It is the responsibility of the suppliers to carry out the technical work, and they do not ask for user data or force them to sign contracts.

So, what you need to know to avoid cheating:

Do not share POD (Point Of Delivery - a code that uniquely identifies electricity equipment) or PDR (the redelivery point - a code that identifies the physical point where the supplier supplies natural gas) to anyone you do not trust

Do not sign documents and contracts if you have doubts about their origin

If you have any suspicions about the seller, do not say yes or confirm over the phone

Do not show your bills or share your details with any merchants or those who call you on the phone. Request a quote in writing

If you are more vigilant and careful, then scammers will not come to you! And I wish you the warmth of love!