Friendship in Italian


Friends, do you know how "amico" is translated from Italian?

These are the words: acquaintance, friend, friend. Italians keep everyone at a distance, not closer to themselves, to their territory, so there is only one concept for everyone - friends and a stranger.

In Russian, for example, we divide close people into: friend, friend, friend "to the grave", foe, enemy, etc. But Italians just say "familiar". For them, any kind of acquaintance and relationship is defined by one word amico = friend or amica = girlfriend. This is how everything is simple and clear without any sentimentality!)))

But all the same, be that as it may, Italians value friendship, which from childhood and continue to communicate for pleasure. They are very sociable people! They like to maintain useful contacts with former classmates, with colleagues in their former and current work, with the right people - that's what Italians try to surround themselves with.

Italians say: "friendship and wine are not worth a dime until they grow old!"

You may ask, how do Italians treat tourists and immigrants? Then they open up with the full breadth of their souls! The Italian will help you with everything! But this is until you begin to strain them with your requests!)))

As I said, Italians are freedom-loving and do not like violence against themselves and that they would be burdened with problems. In such cases, the real Italian will simply disappear from the horizon of your life.

Do you have friends in Italy? Have you been friends for a long time?