Portofino is an elite resort in Italy

Portofino is another piece of paradise, and was once one of the many small fishing villages near Genoa

He never became big, there are a little more than four hundred permanent residents here.

Its picturesque bays, mountains and rocky shores attracted rich and famous travelers at the very beginning of the twentieth century. ⠀

Cinema brought him real fame. They loved to shoot Italian, French and American films here.

And back in the 60s, Delilah sang the romantic Love in Portofino. Who just sang this song after her, including Andrea Bocelli.

Locals have seen all of Hollywood here, it is difficult to surprise them.

And Portofino stably retains its popularity.

New generations of fresh, very young celebrities are replacing the previous ones. They sail on their own or other people's yachts, walk along narrow streets, dine in restaurants and go upstairs to the castle.

The most beautiful national park of Portofino is a mountain covered with southern trees, walking paths, from which you can see forever mind-changing views. Definitely a must see !!!

Why paint all this beauty, come to Italy and see with your own eyes! Hopefully this will be possible soon!