Have you been to this region? Not? Then this article is for you!

Emilia-Romagna is very diverse: here the hills give way to bright green groves, sandy coasts - stone bags of ancient cities. People come here for landscapes and sights. In Emilia, it is easy to combine sea holidays, sightseeing, admiring nature and improving your health at spa resorts and thermal baths.

There are many old estates in Emilia-Romagna, they can be found throughout the northern part of Emilia-Romagna.

The coast of the Adriatic Sea is contrasting: one side is the valleys, sometimes almost deserted and the beaches on which there is nowhere to fall for an apple. ⠀

A little history: why the region is called that. It is named after the trade route Aemilia, which connects Rimini and Piacenza, built by the Roman consul Marcus Aemilius Leopidus. A piece of "Romagna" from the Byzantines, who captured part of the territory in the 6th century AD. e. So the story goes back centuries.

⠀ Until recently, tourists came to Emilia-Romagna not only from all over Italy and Europe, but also from the world. What for? To see ancient cities rich in history. And also soak up the famous resorts where therapeutic thermal mud is used, swim in the sea.

There is where to stay in Emilia: comfortable hotels, clubs and restaurants are scattered all over the coast, which are very popular among tourists.

Real estate in this region is very popular, so many Italians try to create a house here to enjoy nature and relaxation.

If you want to have real estate in this region just like they do, contact us, let's breathe a cool house!