The most expensive houses in Italy, where to find them

I am often asked: where is the most expensive real estate in Italy. If we analyze the average price of all types of housing: apartments, penthouses, villas available for sale, then we can highlight at the moment several luxury offers in the country.

The most expensive Italian real estate is located in the exclusive area of Porto Rotondo, Punta Lada, where the average cost of unique villas with a private park and pool is just under 5 million. Euro. For 3.5 million euros, you can bargain in Florence places: Piazzale Poggio Imperiale and Provincial 14.

Expensive? You can consider the area of Castiglione della Pescaia, where you can find luxury housing for 2.8 million euros. And also the area of Via del Corso in the historic center of Rome, where numerous palaces are located.

From the magnificent villas of Versilia, we are transported to the coast of Sardinia, to the beautiful nature of Porto Cervo. Anyone who dreams of becoming an owner in one of the most beautiful villas in the Mediterranean should know that the owners of luxury villas in these places ask for an average of 2 million euros, and in Naples you can find apartments with panoramic views of the bay for an average of one and a half million euros. ...

Many millionaire villas are found in Tuscany. In the central Italian region, more expensive housing is concentrated, ahead of Lombardy and Lazio.

One million euros can be met in Liguria, Sardinia, Piedmont and Campania.

Real estate in Italy is for every wallet. If you are ready to consider options, then I am at your service.