Features of Italian houses

What can surprise you in Italy? This, of course, is the diversity of residential buildings in different regions and provinces of the country. As for the architecture, the style of the buildings, they change from north to south of Italy, from one region to another. For example, the buildings in the Lombardy region are completely different from the houses in Puglia. This diversity pleases the eye of a passer-by and a tourist.

Any tourist will notice another distinctive rarity in Italy, especially in the south of the country - these are unusually narrow houses of strange architecture, closely pressed against each other. Such buildings are typical in the old parts of the city.

But in the Sassi di Matera area, cave houses have been preserved in the thickness of the turf.

Everyone who comes to Italy immediately notices and pays attention to the small windows of houses. Yes, due to insufficient light, the room is dark, but also cool during the hot months. Not only are the windows small, they are also closed with special shutters even during the day. These shutters are called Persians here. There are always pots of geraniums on each window, from this the house becomes elegant and friendly