Five most beautiful ports in Italy

It is difficult to choose the most worthy and beautiful of all the ports in Italy. They all amaze with their uniqueness and diversity. But one thing unites them - the atmosphere of the holiday.

If you arrive in Molfetta, in the Apulia region, you will immediately plunge into the life of a snow-white pier, the atmosphere of the fish market with freshly caught seafood, walk along the alleys with palm trees and admire the views of the old city with its cathedral and towers. Come here in early autumn in September, the feast of the Madonna is held here, when her statue is carried on decorated boats across the sea in honor of the ancient tradition of sailors.

In Portovenere, Liguria region, there is a cloud of love and beauty. The port has made poets fall in love with it, from Byron to Eugenio Montale. The port of Venus is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

But Camogli, which in the region of Liguria was once a fishing village and was called the “City of a thousand white sailboats. Tourists and locals like to stroll here: after all, this is a romantic place for walking together with views of the “paradiso” bay.

Port of Giglio Porto, which is known in Tuscany for its colorful houses, clear sea water and busy streets. There was a sad story of a shipwreck of a cruise ship.

Another former fishing village from the time of Ancient Rome deserves attention - Porto Santo Stefano in the Tuscany region. You can sail here by ferry from the island of Giglio. If you like solitude and silence, then you are here in a picturesque but little-visited resort with pleasure yachts and boats.