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Real estate in Cannes

Not every resort can boast of worldwide fame. Cannes is a city with a year-round population of just over 70,000 and covers almost 20 square kilometers, it is a coastal city with a wonderful climate and has become very popular all over the world.

Cannes attractions include the Chateau du Suquet, built in 1035 by the monks to fortify the city, which offers panoramic views of the Bay of Cannes. Iles de Lerins and Ile Sainte Marguerite, a large island where the Man in the Iron The mask was held captive for 11 years and can be visited in the Maritime Museum.

The world famous Palais des Festivals hosts numerous congresses and festivals throughout the year, the most famous of which is the International Film Festival, which attracts all film stars from all over the world to Cannes for twelve days in May, creating a unique atmosphere.

  • MIPIM is an exhibition where developers from all over the world present their latest projects to potential investors.
  • MIPCOM, an international film festival and market program for television, video, cable and satellite technologies, takes place in October.
  • MIDEM, an exhibition on the World of Music market, is held in January.

Overall, there are about 11 exhibitions and festivals in Cannes a year. This economic activity has sparked a large investment in real estate in the center of Cannes. Indeed, there is such a problem that there are not enough hotel rooms to meet the demand at major exhibitions and peak summer periods. There are many apartments for rent in the center of Cannes, in the area known as 'La Banane', located between the Croisette and the ring road, where prices per square meter for purchase range from 4,000 to over 20,000 euros per square meter. Another prestigious destination is the Palm Beach area with its casinos and nightclubs.

The sandy beaches of the Croisette and in the West 'les plages du Midi' are ideal for summer vacations, places where you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, relax in the sun. Enjoy a ride on all water transport, or simply freshen up every morning with a walk along the streets of Cannes or the promenade. Many shops can be found including famous boutiques on the Croisette such as Gucci, Chanel, Dior, etc. On the Croisette embankment there are also some of the world's finest hotels, in particular "Carlton", "Majestic", and the "Martinez" hotel.

Cannes is located on two hills overlooking the bay, Californie in the east and Croix des Gardes in the west. These areas are the main residential areas and here you can find the best villas and apartments with the most spectacular views of Cannes, the islands and the hills to the west.

Apartment first line Cannes
€ 1.380.000

Apartment first line Cannes

Sales: Reference #4025

Cannes real estate Apartments for sale in Cannes on the first line near the beaches of the city, the main street of Croisette. Small apartments consist of a living room with kitchen, toilet, bedroom with bathroom and exit...

Apartments in Cannes
€ 1.187.000

Apartments in Cannes

Sales: Reference #3727

Apartment in Cannes with panoramic sea views Elite 4-room apartment of 110 sq. M. For sale m. in Cannes, in the La Californie area with panoramic views of the sea, the mountains of Esterel and the Lerins Islands. The property...

Elite apartments on the first line in Cannes
€ 18.000.000

Elite apartments on the first line in Cannes

Sales: Reference #3492

Luxury apartments by the sea in Cannes First coastline! In Cannes, on the famous La Croisette, luxury apartments with panoramic views of the sea and mountains are for sale. Located in an elite residence. The area of the...

First line beachfront penthouse in Cannes
€ 13.000.000

First line beachfront penthouse in Cannes

Sales: Reference #3478

Elite penthouse on the first coastline in Cannes Cannes, in an elite residence on the first coastline for sale a three-story penthouse with panoramic views of the sea, mountains and the city. The residence is located on...

Luxurious sea view mansion in Cannes
€ 25.000.000

Luxurious sea view mansion in Cannes

Sales: Reference #3146

Luxurious mansion with a pool near the sea in Cannes In Cannes, 5 minutes from the Croisette, a luxurious mansion with an area of about 600 square meters is for sale. m. surrounded by a beautiful park with a total area...

Apartments near the sea in Cannes, France
€ 485.000

Apartments near the sea in Cannes, France

Sales: Reference #3002

Apartment in Cannes near the beach with views of the Cote d'Azur Cozy apartment for sale with an area of 51 square meters with magnificent views of the sea and the famous Cannes beaches. Bright and spacious rooms with...

Buy an apartment in Cannes, French Riviera
€ 360.000

Buy an apartment in Cannes, French Riviera

Sales: Reference #924

Buy an apartment in Cannes, French Riviera French Riviera, buy an apartment in Cannes. For those who would like to buy an apartment in one of the chic resort towns of France for themselves and their loved ones. We offer...

Cannes, buy a cheap apartment on the Cote d'Az...
€ 200.000

Cannes, buy a cheap apartment on the Cote d'Az...

Sales: Reference #923

Cannes, buy a cheap apartment on the Cote d'Azur of France Buy a property in Cannes on the Cote d'Azur of France. For those who would like to buy an apartment in one of the prestigious resort towns on the French...

Two bedroom apartment in Cannes near the city cent...
€ 250.000

Two bedroom apartment in Cannes near the city cent...

Sales: Reference #169

Buy a 3-room apartment in Cannes Recently renovated apartment in Cannes, just 5 minutes from the city center. The apartment consists of a large room, a smaller room, a hall, a balcony, a bathtub with a window, a storage...

Cannes villa apartments
€ 425.000

Cannes villa apartments

Sales: Reference #81

Cannes Real Estate | Apartment near the sea in a villa The apartments are located within a 5-minute walk to the sea, the villa is made in the Liberty style, a beautiful garden, a spacious terrace, a hall of 30 m2, a kitchen,...

Buy apartments with sea view Cannes
€ 565.000

Buy apartments with sea view Cannes

Sales: Reference #79

Cannes - apartment with sea view, 200m. to the beach The apartments are located in a house with a beautiful park, 200 m from the beach, with security, a superb apartment of 108 m2 located on the 3rd floor of a four-story...

Apartment in Cannes for sale | French Riviera...
€ 300.000

Apartment in Cannes for sale | French Riviera...

Sales: Reference #68

Buy a one-room apartment in Cannes Cannes real estate on the French Riviera. One-room apartment, next to the Croisette, opposite Canto Port - renovated - room with a mirror wall - fully equipped kitchen with appliances...

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