In the house of the Italians

Italians love fashion accessories: expensive textiles and crystal in the sideboard, antiques or little things that pass from generation to generation. The old ones are restored and given a second life. I have often seen tiles on the floor in Italian homes - these are masterpieces of the interior and in addition to this, thick shutters on the windows protect from the hot sun and create coolness.

Italians are family people, they like to meet with numerous relatives, spend Sunday dinners with grandparents, and also hang photos of loved ones on the walls of their house or place them on all horizontal surfaces.

What about in the kitchen? Usually it is well stocked and the space is used to the maximum in it, so often the cabinets end at the ceiling. An obligatory element of the house is an Italian massive wooden sideboard - credenza. In it, the hostesses store cereals and sweets, all kinds of treats. It is decorated with a spectacular porcelain dish or a crystal vase, quite possibly inherited from an ancient relative.

Large terraces are the place where Italians spend their evenings talking with friends and having a glass of wine. But miniature balconies are not left without attention - wicker furniture, flowers and vases are an attribute of the balcony.