Gastronomic tour tasting the cheeses of Italy

Autumn is the season of tastings and I don’t know what better way to spend time than taking a gastronomic tour in Italy? But today we’re not just a tour, but we’ll go and taste the cheeses!

I recommend the best of the best: 5 Italian PDO cheeses enjoyed back in ancient Rome!

What you should definitely do is taste the traditional and unique flavors from different regions of Italy. After all, Italian cheeses are the gastronomic culture of this country.

And you know that many famous varieties have PDO - the protected name of the place of origin of cheese in the European Union, so I'll tell you about such cheeses.

Let's start from the center of Italy, more precisely from the Marche, where we taste sweet Italian cheese with a thin skin and soft texture: Casciotta d'Urbino. This cheese is made from sheep's milk mixed with a small amount of cow's milk. Once it was the favorite food of Michelangelo and Pope Clement XIV, now you understand that you definitely need to try it!

We do not sit still and move to Friuli Venezia Giulia to taste another Italian Montacio cheese. This cheese gets its name from the plateau of the same name, where this cheese has been produced since 1200. How do you like this age?)))

One of the famous cheeses is Fontina. This is a type of cheese from the Aosta Valley. Fatty, made from the freshest cow's milk, with a sweetish taste.

In Sicily, namely in Agrigento, Trapani and Palermo, we taste another Italian cheese: Vastedda della Valle del Belice. Made from Valle del Belice sheep's milk, this is a raw woven cheese with a fresh taste and sour notes. Attention !, you must remember: this is a hard cheese with a slightly aromatic taste depending on the months of ripening: it is young, medium (mezzano) and mature (stagionato).

How do you like this list of cheeses? Need to try! Or maybe someone already knows, then share your impressions