Italian Liguria - port region

A LARGE PART OF ITALIAN LIGURIA IS A HILLY AREA, crossed by valleys that slope down to a narrow strip of the seashore.

The part of the region occupied by the foothills is barren and practically without vegetation. Lonely villas and small villages can be found throughout Liguria. The largest city, port and, at the same time, the capital of the region is Genoa.

The climate in the region is very mild. Pleasant sea breezes make summers cooler than in other areas of the country, and winters are rarely cold thanks to the protection of the Alpine mountain range. This climate is perfect for the growth of pines, olives, palms, laurels and similar evergreen trees.

Despite the fact that Liguria is a mountainous region, it is not highlanders who live here, but sailors and merchants.

It is noteworthy that about half of the entire population of the region lives in Genoa itself.

Genoa is the port city of Italy, here you can endlessly admire the ships that have abandoned their ends off the coast of the city. And also, Genoa has the largest aquarium not only in Italy, but in Europe! You haven't been there yet? Be sure to plan! It will be interesting for both children and adults!

It will not be difficult to buy real estate here, both with views of the sea and in the mountains.

Tourism is very developed in the region, as it is one of the most profitable ways of earning money. The mild climate and a riot of green vegetation lure guests from all over Europe to relax on the beach and stroll in the shade of the olives.

The infrastructure is well developed, many fashionable hotels and restaurants are ready to receive guests.

In Liguria, it is recommended to visit the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Piazza Ferrari, Palazzo Reale and San Giorgio.

If in Italy, check out Liguria!