Pompeii in Italy is a special city

Everyone knows his sad fate even from school textbooks - an ancient city in southern Italy, standing right at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, was buried under a layer of ash as a result of its eruption in 79.

But when you find yourself there - alone with the ruins - it becomes uncomfortable ...

This place seems to be divided into two worlds: the world of the living and the world of the dead. Behind these heavenly bushes, it seems like a parallel world begins: not a blade of grass, not a bird ...

Even people speak quietly, as if afraid to disturb someone ... But what an unforgettable emotion! ⠀

Passing through the antique amphitheater, you suddenly realize that people were sitting here, watching performances, applauding, laughing, indulging in all kinds of earthly joys ... ⠀

Learning about the city and its inhabitants, you more and more understand that the life of the inhabitants was not distinguished by virtue) They loved to drink, take a walk, enjoy earthly joys) For example, the famous ancient brothel - lupanarium)

Inside, everything is also very well preserved, even sometimes too much) And "cabinets" and frescoes with piquant content) ⠀

Well, we visited the brothel, now let's go to jail! And this is not a joke - there are remnants of the ruins of an ancient prisoner cell here)))

And again - the labyrinths of ancient streets, all the way to the horizon

Well, and then - a very pleasant and at the same time frightening sight: the Temple of Apollo and the enchanting view of the Vesuvius volcano ...

Have you been to Pompeii? How does it feel?