Accommodation for singles in Italy

In Italy, there are more and more single people who ask themselves the question: "Which housing option should I choose?"

The latest figures from the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) show that there are more and more single people in Italy, and this affects the real estate market, given that this is a large segment of the Italian population that feeds the rental, purchase and sale markets.

If we analyze the situation, then 68% of single people buy real estate, while 32% choose the rental option.

The most purchased type of single-family property is the three-bedroom apartment, followed by the two-bedroom apartment, with the four-bedroom apartment being much less popular. Villas, cottages, lofts, detached houses and semi-detached houses are the least bought together.

As for the rental market, most of the single tenants were looking for housing according to personal preferences, as well as closer to work or study. The practice of renting out is growing among the singles community in Italy because they have difficulty obtaining a mortgage and therefore it is becoming an attractive choice.

This is especially true for young people, for whom the need for mobility in study and work is growing and living in a shared home is also becoming more popular.