Friday in Italian


Friday? What are your usual plans for this day?

For some, this is an excuse to get together and relax! In Italy, for example, they like to gather in a cafe with friends or just for an aperitif.

In general, for Italians, Friday is a way out to people: to show themselves and to see people. People gather outside the home in their favorite bar or restaurant. But not only with friends, but also with entire family clans.

Who comes to the bars? These are mainly young people. Each city has its own fashionable establishments, which are difficult to get into due to the large number of people interested! Moreover, it is now forbidden to crowd.
In general, such establishments are divided according to interests and age priorities. For example, to sit with a cup of coffee, read or listen to the news outside the house, people gather "a little older than the youth", this is their place)

How do you spend your Fridays? Hurry home and already celebrate the end of the working week there?

Or do you also like to go for a drink? Or to the theater, for example? And I love restaurants with my family!))