Teora - Province of Avellino: an Italian village where you pay for your accommodation

I wrote earlier that the Italian Government is making efforts to revive the life of empty villages.

It is about one such village that I want to tell you today.

From the north to the south of the Italian peninsula, various initiatives are being taken to settle abandoned villages, and help with rent is an effective method.

As a result of the 1980 earthquake, the population of Teora dropped dramatically and now stands at about 1,500. How to help so that residents do not leave this settlement at all?

Earlier Teora announced that she was putting up a house for sale for 1 euro. The sale of the houses was successful. But the problem is that people often buy real estate in order to renovate them for the purpose of further renting or as a holiday home, which does not contribute to the settlement of the village.

Now the Italian government has gone further and proposed another option. To populate the empty areas of Italy, an initiative was launched to help residents pay rent. The village of Teora in the province of Avellino offers a grant of 150 euros to those who decide to move to the village for three years.

The rent for a house is usually around € 200 per month, which means that the rental subsidy on offer can make a big difference.

But there is a condition: to be eligible for the program, you also need to have a child and must be enrolled in a local school.