Overview of the real estate market value by districts of Milan

In this article, I will reveal the secrets only for you: where what is worth in Milan. As you understand, the cost in our turbulent time is approximate, but not devoid of adequacy)))

Of course, Milan, like any other city in Italy, is divided into more expensive central quarters, as well as remote areas. Where real estate prices are more democratic.

So what the statistics say.

In the historical part of Milan , the cost of housing is about 10,000 euros per square meter. m.

If you walk through the central districts, then in Brera-Montenapoleone a square meter costs about 12 thousand euros, but this is not the limit. There are some houses in which 20,000 euros per sq. M. m is considered normal. We do not pass by the prestigious areas of the city - Brera, San Babila, Castello foro Bonaparte - where buyers are ready to shell out 15,000 euros per sq. M. m.

But this is not the limit! Knowledgeable people claim that the Milan market has not yet reached its peak. We are waiting for the end of the quarantine and then the time will come and a surge for investments in real estate in this city.

Have you been to the Isola area? Take a walk and see the Liberty style villas. Admire the tallest skyscraper in Italy, Unicredit Tower Prices per square meter in this building grow according to the height of the building))) There was a price of 8000 euros per square meter. m., but this is so, little things)))

We walk further from the center of Milan in search of more economical housing.

We reached the quarters on the outskirts of the city of Affori, Boviza, Bisceglie, where you can buy an apartment in a new building for 3500 euros per sq. m.

If you are an art lover, then you are in the area of Via Tortona, where the galleries and exhibition halls are located. There, housing prices are in the range of 4000 - 5000 euros per sq. m

For the young and energetic, a place in the favorite area of Navigli, where Milan's nightlife is in full swing, many shops and where, the price per square meter is about 5,000 euros.

Where is the more affordable housing in Milan?

You can consider the former industrial area of Lambrate-Udine , the cost of housing here is at the level of 4000-5000 euros per sq.m. And in the Badgio area with very affordable prices for real estate, you can buy for 2000 euros per sq. m.

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