The cost of housing in the regions of Italy: Veneto, Lazio, Abruzzo and Puglia

Veneto capital Venice

You know that Veneto is one of the richest and most popular regions in Italy, where not only tourists flock. Many Italians and foreigners dream of buying property in this region. Demand always exceeds supply and remains constantly high! Average property prices start at € 2,500 per sq. m.

In Verona, with its stunning architecture, which people come to see from all over the world, it has become prestigious to live. Moreover, the Verona region has the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Strange as it may seem, but real estate prices do not go off scale here and are kept within the same price limits.

I also wanted to note: in the Veneto region, real estate on the shores of Lake Garda costs more than 2,500 euros per sq. m. Province of Belluno in the north of Veneto, is expensive. There, the price tag starts at 3,000 euros per sq. m.

Lazio and the city of peace Rome

It is clear that real estate in Rome is one of the most expensive in Italy. If you are considering the very center of the city, then be prepared to shell out from 8,400 euros per sq. meter. But if you look for housing a little further from the hiking trails, then perhaps you will find an apartment for 270,000 euros. At the same time, almost all the offers of the city refer to the secondary market, there are almost no new buildings in Rome.

If you are considering options for villas or private houses, then there is an option to buy at a better price than in the promoted Tuscany. Here the price tag starts from 2200 euros per sq. m.

Abruzzo capital L'Aquile

The Abruzzo region is located in the center of Italy, mountain landscapes and wildlife are side by side with the beach resorts of the Adriatic.

Abruzzo is an ideal option for those who dream of living near Rome, but at the same time not overpaying for housing. The region is popular for ski resorts. Real estate prices in this region are very affordable, on average from 1000 euros per sq. m., and in the capital of the region in the range of 2000 euros per sq. m. The coastal cities of Pescara, Alba Adriatica, Pineto, Sulmona are in demand among foreigners who want to buy housing in this region.

Apulia is the capital of Bari

This region is located on the "heel" of the peninsula and attracts famous sea resorts. Apulia is washed by almost all sides: the Adriatic and Ionian seas and has the longest coastline among the regions of Italy.

Where to buy houses in Puglia? The most popular cities are Bari, Lecce, Alberobello, Ostuni, Salento. In the center of Bari, real estate will cost about 4500 euros per sq. m, and in the vicinity - from 2500 euros. In rural areas of the region, you can find offers for prices from 1000 per sq. m.