How old monasteries are being transformed into a luxurious retreat in Italy

Modern man is tired of the city bustle and the tower rhythm of life. Italy offers to get away from everyday worries and live in the middle of nature at least for a short while. But in Italy they went further - there are proposals to imprison themselves in a monastery!

Ancient monasteries in Italy are the ideal place for this: spiritual seclusion in the middle of nature awaits here, with full immersion in history and luxury.

Eremito, surrounded by idyllic nature, is an ancient monastery in the Umbria region, province of Terni. The monastery belongs to the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

The aim of the reconstruction of the old monastery was to comply with the standards of biobuilding and bioarchitecture, which are still strictly enforced. The authentic hotel has several single rooms, reminiscent of the old monastery cells, equipped with a bathroom.

Silence, flickering candles and stone walls are details that guests love, although there is one feature that sets Eremito apart from other resorts: there are no modern technical devices in the premises: TVs, mobile phones or computers are not allowed. But the hideout has a spa to recuperate.

A monastery lost in the wilderness, but giving cosiness and comfort. The exclusive details in the interior are preserved here and it seems that time has stopped. The timeless atmosphere, ecology and ancient cells of the monastery lead you to the spiritual reflections of life.