How to pay for the services of a realtor in Italy 2021

Recently, a friend called and asked: “Listen, explain to me who and how should pay the commission to a realtor in Italy, I got confused. I read a lot, but I didn’t understand.” And, by the way, I am often asked this question.

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Who pays the agent? Italian law does not prohibit receiving a commission from both parties. If the buyer and seller have their own agents, the commission is divided. When signing a purchase agreement-preliminary contract, a clause on the realtor's commission is included.

Nuance: if the first viewing of the object took place with a specific specialist, then in the case of buying this property, you need to buy the object with the help of this agent. A buyer who has gone to another agent will have to pay a commission to both.

There are several points:

If a preliminary agreement is signed to secure the transaction itself, the agent's work is considered completed, and he is entitled to the full amount of remuneration.

In practice, the payment can be divided into two parts: after the parties sign the purchase agreement and on the date of signing the notarial deed.

And when buying on credit, the agency will receive a reward only after a positive decision of the financial institution


The commission is paid by any guaranteed non-cash payment.

And what about the size of the commission?

As a rule, each region of Italy has its own rate from 3 to 5%, do not forget about VAT 22% (not for all agencies). In practice: the percentage is negotiated and fixed in the contract.
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