Have an idea to buy a house in Italy?

If you have an idea to buy a house in Italy, then it's time to do something!

How does this happen? You suddenly had a long-standing dream of a house on the seashore or a remote summer cottage)) After discussing with your family, and then in a cafe with friends who have been buzzing your ears for a long time about how cool it is to live in Italy, you convulsively, in principle, like all real estate buyers, first open the internet and search, search, search nights and days looking for options.

Yes, earlier, a few years ago there were not so many sites with the sale / purchase of real estate in Italy, but now you can simply get confused and get confused in all the information, where is the truth, where the real specialists work. Beware of scammers and non-specialists!

My advice on what, first of all, you need to pay attention to the websites of agencies:

Firstly, is there a real office of a Russian real estate company in Italy, in Liguria, for example, where the office is located. You need to make inquiries - maybe they are just resellers of real estate. This option is definitely not suitable for you!

Why is it important? I explain. For example, if a realtor works with us in Liguria, then he must know everything about real estate in the region. Or he sits, for example, in Moscow and has not seen this villa for 5 million euros, then it may happen that you will receive, to put it mildly, inaccurate information, which can then turn into a big problem. As a result, the Moscow realtor has no idea what is wrong with the object, he does not have reliable information: the security of the transaction and guarantees are under threat!

Visit our website, neither legal nor valid property status. Maybe this housing has encumbrances, there is a problem with documents or partitions are not legalized!)))

I repeat! The agency must have its own office and real live agents in Italy, otherwise you can safely pick up an object for yourself there, and be sure of the legality and safety of the transaction!