Why are Italians so fond of children?

There is one trait among Italians, this is a universal love for children, well, just a solid "pusi-pusi" I have often noticed how they, Italians, are simply mellow. When they see the baby. Tenderness, admiration for children, the desire to squeeze all of them with bread, do not feed, let’s also sip the baby by the cheeks. But that's nothing, but when they see pregnant women, they admire it as if it was their wife or sister who would soon give a kinder.

I wrote earlier that Italians are very superstitious. They have so many customs and superstitions about pregnancy))) They say that in order for a boy to be born, a mother needs to be fed a pig's tail (you understand the connection))) As far as this is so, but they sacredly believe in it!

How good it is to be a mother in Italy, they will always advise something, prompt, give everyday advice. Moreover, everyone authoritatively convinces that all the advice is based on life experience: here I raised five children and not one did not suffer ... something)) Therefore, as true Italians, they are simply obliged to share their knowledge and experience in raising children.

The main thing here is not to argue and listen carefully, nod and passionately thank for the advice)))

Of course, such a general and widespread increased attention to children is very pleasant. They will always help with the stroller, skip the queues and constantly give little gifts to the little ones. Well, just cute!

How do you like this obsessive childhood worship? Would you like such care and attention of strangers to your children?