Diano Marina in the Empire - where to relax in Italy

Diano Marina's blue color: blue sea, blue sky and "blue flag" is a symbol proudly worn by cities with the purest seawater. On the "Diana" coast, only a few cities have such a flag. ⠀

Diano Marina is a city in Italy, comfortably located on the Ligurian coast. At first, sailors fell in love with this place and a fishing village was formed, but it was destroyed by an earthquake. But as the saying goes: "there is a silver lining" - after the devastation, a resort town was built, named in honor of the ancient Roman goddess of the hunt - Diana. ⠀

Did you know that Diano Marina has the best weather all year round, which is not always typical for Italy. Tourists are waiting for magnificent soft beaches, clear water in the sea, beautiful shores, parks where exotic trees and plants grow, groves of palm trees and many other pleasures for travelers. ⠀

Small towns nestled in the hills surround this wonderful Italian resort. The most attractive for tourists here is the historic Via Aurelia. ⠀ And the main attraction of the town is the Cathedral of St. Antonio Abate. This masterpiece of architectural thought with luxurious interiors and a marble altar became the pearl of Diano Marina. It is worth seeing, but it is better to touch the walls of the cathedral with your hands, as many do)))

In the vicinity of the city there is a very atmospheric ethnic village and an observation deck, from where a stunning panorama of the Italian expanses opens. For men it will be interesting here: in one of the towers a museum is open, which displays a collection of ancient weapons, numbering more than 700 exhibits. ⠀

Carnivals and many festivals are often held in Italy. Likewise, Diano Marina annually hosts a carnival dedicated to the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ - an ideal time to visit this delightful city.

Come here as soon as the borders open! I advise you!