How not to become a black sheep in Italy or how to become your own among


Intourists and those who dream of living in Italy note!

How to behave in Italy, so that you would be accepted into the flock? You will come to us soon, they promise to open the borders.

My bad advice with love for Italy!

First, be sure to gesture when speaking and speak loudly! Otherwise, they will look askance at you and call you insensitive!

You met a passer-by on the street: do not forget to hug, pat on the shoulder, smile broadly, kiss (on the cheeks), and then ask for directions)))

Always start your conversation with Italians not "how are you?" and "what are you cooking for lunch today?" or "what did you have for dinner yesterday?" These phrases are equated to the wishes of health and well-being!)))

If you are in Italy for a long time, then learn how to cook Italian Parmigiana, pasta and all that for 10-20 people) and be ready to invite guests to your place every day and every other day. And without this, you will not make friends for yourself!)))

More about friends and about "on the board". Every time you go to a cafe with joy and shout loudly: all coffee at my expense! (preferably in Italian!))) This is the most proven and fastest way to meet new people. This works especially well for the south of Italy.

Of course, you know, there is some joke in my advice, but in principle, this is Italy and here its own rules and laws of communication. And to become the soul of the company, you have to be at least a little Italian)

How do you find friends abroad?