Dolceacqua, Liguria - the must-see place in Italy!

Small Italian towns and villages with history present a special charm and atmosphere, they are the main impression of Liguria and all of Italy.

Many tourists come to Liguria for the village of Dolceacqua (literally sweet water) - their hopes of seeing the extraordinary beauty of Italian history are crowned with success.

You can walk for a long time along the stone labyrinths of the old Italian city. Touch stones, look at pieces of the sky from stone wells and imagine how people lived here 200-300 years ago. Use a little imagination and imagine how life was in such authentic villages many centuries ago.

Dolceacqua is located in the valley of the Nervia River, which separates the old town at the foot of Mount Rebuffao and the Castello dei Doria fortress from its newer part.

Even though you are tired, leave your strength to the new part of the city, it will impress you the same. You need to watch everything. It is impossible to single out something that stands apart from the city.

Although no - you can probably name one attraction that is Dolceacqua's trademark - the old bridge over the Nervia River. This bridge impressed Claude Monet, who visited here in 1884. The artist called it “the pearl of lightness”. Monet has depicted the bridge over Nervia in several famous canvases.

I hope that you got an idea of the Dolceacqua town-village and, perhaps, my short story will give you an impulse to come someday to see everything with your own eyes.