Traditional family foundations of Italians

Ah, these strange Italians, their family customs and orders are not always clear to foreigners!

Everyone knows: a family for a foreigner is everything! Their numerous relatives gather at all holidays: baptism, weddings, funerals. Every Italian considers a kindred duty unshakable and nothing can interfere with its fulfillment. To whom, if not relatives, Italians demonstrate their prestige and well-being both in appearance and as a gift for, for example, newlyweds.

As the family decided, so it will be: to go against the will of relatives is almost impossible to resist for the bulk of Italians. Even over-aged sons hardly leave the parent's nest, and if they have already decided, they transport their little things to the house across the street or to the neighborhood.

According to statistics in Italy, more than a quarter of 30+ Italian men live with their parents and they are happy with it.

And, of course, it is not surprising that Italian men do not want to leave mom and dad. Their mothers so cherish, cherish and pamper, especially with delicious cuisine, that they do not even dream of living away from their home. And when they get married, at least once a week they always resort to their mother for pies, or for advice!))

And the Italians are like performers! They are completely modern and always decide everything in their own way, but they know how to turn things around and make themselves obedient sheep, supposedly completely subservient to men.

Another quality of Italians: they are very practical! The Italian's house is small but very well maintained. Italians spend most of their lives outside the home, and at home they only take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Usually in the house there is one common room in which they receive guests, that's where the best furniture is. paintings and vases. So to speak, show the product with your face)))

Many Italians have two or even three houses, one of them on the seashore or in the mountains. As a rule, these are small apartments with couches and armchairs, on which they like to relax with the whole family.

But the land for Italians is considered a great value to plant a rose garden on it. But they love to grow vegetables, fruits literally on a piece of land or even on balconies, and they do it great!

These are the Italians!