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Italy and Italians



I often tell the Pro-Italians about their manners and habits. This is such an interesting nation that

you can write them endlessly.
Fashionable Italians are their style, born in the hospital.

Have you ever seen an Italian dressed casually and with non-acryoline hair?
And why do they like black clothes, who knows?
Men not only take care of their hairstyles, but it is not a mistake to dress up.

We noticed that men always have everything right from the start: stylish clothes, shirts are changed more often than women tights.
But women mostly choose something black and inconspicuous.
Italians men dye their hair and even beards! God forbid a gray hair, this is death to flies!
Italians are proud of their gray hair and often leave their hair in its natural color.
Italians love to travel around their country and not only, but also fanatical national cuisine.

But I have seen more than once how they sneakily run to eat some overseas rolls.
Italians are temperamental, screaming, scandalous, but most often without serious reasons!

Apparently, a natural love for spectacular screams and waving hands
Italians honor traditions, for them it is sacred. Sons have nothing to do with their mother almost to old age (their own).

Nepotism and clannishness are sacred for them.
They blow their nose like devils and gnaw their nails up to their elbows! And there is nothing indecent for them.

But I still can't get used to it!)))

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