How other pizzas differ from Italian

First, let's talk about pasta)))

Have you ever wondered how many types of pasta are there?

As I calculated. About two hundred types of which you can try the main part only in a certain region or even a province of Italy!

Everyone knows carbonara spaghetti, butterfly pasta or noodles.

There is a round pasta: bigoli, spaghetti, pici, troccoli. Square: tonarelli, cyriol. Rectangular: linguini, marfalde, bavette. And also in skeins and nests: fettuccine, tagliolini, lasagna. Straw pasta: bucatini, fusilli, packeri, penne. Short pasta: farfalle, anelloni, lumake.

You can't list everything! The main ingredient in the pasta is durum wheat flour. Therefore, Italians often have dinner at 21 o'clock and do not get fat!)))

What kind of pasta do you like? I love tagliolini very much!

With pasta sorted out, now let's deal with pizza.

Do you think there is only Italian pizza? But no! Yes, of course, what we love and why we are crazy is undoubtedly the pizza that is prepared in Italy.

But other countries of the world have gone further and under the guise of pizza offer their national "pizzas" but under different names, as they please))

For example, in Russia they love to experiment: everything that is in the refrigerator is added to a la pizza) There is no limit for imagination!)))

In Georgia, Armenia, their version of pizza is called khachapuri: it is a very tasty flatbread with cheese with or without greens. This flatbread certainly doesn't look exactly like Italian pizza, but it's worth trying it!

But in France, the most popular pizza is called trat flambé and it comes from Alsace. This is a pizza on a thin flatbread with curd cheese, bacon and onions, topped with a creamy sauce and baked in a wood-fired oven. Has anyone tried it?

A very extravagant, in my opinion, variant of pizza in Denmark. It contains horse meat.

And if you add coconut to the pizza, then it will be a pizza for the residents of Costa Rica! For us, this is not a very ordinary taste, but the locals like nothing))) They also add shrimp as an ingredient - well, wherever it goes!)))

And what did the Swedes come up with: they went on! They make a very exotic pizza: as a filling, they add peanuts, bananas, chicken and a lot of curry! Truly, masters of invention!

Finnish pizza, I think, is delicious - it includes smoked venison, chanterelle mushrooms and red onion.

How is pizza prepared in your country?