Abruzzo. Province in Italy

The Italian province of Abruzzo is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the fourth is washed by the Adriatic Sea. The climate here is just super: there are no prolonged rains, no squall winds, the climate is even and stable.

Can you imagine there are no industrial enterprises in Abruzzo, so the environment is in complete order here! So this is the best place for residents of large cities and smoky areas. The climate is super, the air is clean, the sea is clear! What else is needed!

Previously, the "gentlemen of fortune" loved to walk here, but the local police did away with them and they had to move to work in less ecologically clean regions of Italy. Now it is safe here, you can safely walk without clutching your purse to your chest and not be afraid for your wallets.

Of course, not many tourists often trample the land of Abruzzo. But now with the advent of new airlines, this region of Italy can compete with other resorts! So we are waiting for the opening of borders and be sure to come here!

Yes, there are several interesting cities in Abruzzo, but this region of Borgo is interesting - tiny mountain settlements. Previously, they were built for defense purposes a long time ago, back in the Middle Ages, and maybe even earlier, and many have survived to this day, And today we can find silence and solitude here, enjoying the history! You can imagine: the houses are built of wild stone, tightly pressed against each other, so they look like a natural continuation of the mountainous terrain. Stunning view!

Pescara is the capital of the region. Here is the expanse for the tourist: here you can find beaches, architectural monuments. But not only Pescara attracts visitors: the very picturesque cities of Aquila, Chieti and Teramo. One cannot take one's eyes off the amazing beauty of cathedrals and ancient villas.

Beauty and more!