"Smart home" in the homes of Italians

Today's article is about how Italians are opening their doors to artificial intelligence.

Smart appliances and solutions for the home: heating, air conditioning, electrical systems, control systems for windows, doors and burglar alarms are increasingly entering our daily and domestic life. And all this is called in one word - the intelligent system "Smart Home"

According to a survey of Italians, who can be seen freely on the Internet, the Smart Home system is now preferred over several years ago.

Among the products preferred by Italians, in addition to home security solutions such as door and window alarms, video surveillance, the following Smart Home products have entered the market in the past two years: Google Home and Amazon Echo and are some of the best deals. For Google Home Mini, prices range from € 29.99 per offer: voice command control, which connects to devices to play music, answers questions, reads news, weather forecast, sets alarms, checks compatible smart home devices, up to € 150 for 2nd generation Echo Plus models.

In the field of household appliances, the most popular is the smart washing machine, connected to the Internet and programmed through a special application. The program allows you to monitor and manage your wash anytime, anywhere, tracking your energy consumption using the load cycle, varying between wash programs that will help you save energy and reduce the running costs of your home in Italy. Another important device is the Smart TVs available in most Italian homes, with different prices and models, but all with Internet-related features and services.

More niche are heating and air conditioning control solutions: boilers, thermostats and air conditioners connected to speech assistants and capable of providing significant energy savings. Significant growth in offerings in Italy has been seen in the area of lighting solutions: connected bulbs, Wi-Fi switches and smart sockets, which are increasingly being tested in Italian homes.