Italy and the most delicious dishes of this country

A gastronomic tour is a reason to get to know the country! As you know, all the charm of this or that place on earth is transmitted through food, and after trying the dishes, you can get in touch with the essence and traditions of the country.

Read my article and enjoy the anticipation of your meal! Buon appetito!

The well-known Italian paella in Bari is rice, potatoes and mussels. It seems to be nothing special, but the dish, which is obtained from the combination of these three simple ingredients, has a truly magical taste. But in the event that it is prepared in Bari. Long ago, the recipe for thiella, named after the terracotta pot in which it is prepared, was traditionally a peasant dish and initially only vegetables and rice were used. Later, the recipe changed slightly depending on the countryside, meeting maritime culture and Spanish influences, to add mussels still present in the modern tiella of Bari.

Between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti lies Le Langhe, the historic Piedmont region, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Le Lange is a series of hills, vineyards, castles and villages that in autumn become an unforgettable destination for gourmet lovers around the world. Taste the Agnolotti with the White Truffle of Alba at Le Langhe with a glass of Barolo and savor the flavors of the Italian region.

It is known that the mountain air is always hungry! The people of Valtelline, located in the province of Sondrio, know what to serve so that even gourmets will be delighted. After a walk through the woods, indulge in a platter of pizzoccheri: buckwheat tagliatelle seasoned with savoy cabbage, cheese, butter and potatoes. This is a simple, tasty and satisfying recipe perfect for warming up on cold winter days. Did you know that the small town of Teglio, which is considered to be the gastronomic capital of Italy, hosts events dedicated to the traditional cuisine of these places and the local products of this land every December.