Italy has beautiful islands

Among them is Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Superiority in area at Sicily.

Sardinia is a fabulous land, crystal clear waters, private beaches and breathtaking landscapes with ancient remains of towers built in the Bronze Age. Many who have visited the island at least once call it the island of silence.

There are lagoons inhabited by pink flamingos and wild horses. On the island, the aroma of Mediterranean vegetation hovers around, a warm and healthy climate. Here the beauty is natural and almost untouched, created by centuries of nature.

What to see in Sardinia? These are megaliths made of rough stone, do not miss the nuraghe towers, menhirs, sacred wells, giants' tombs and Domus de Yanas.

Sardinia is often called an alternative world for its beauty. The island will immediately captivate you with its charm and originality. Everything is here: history and pristine nature, clean air and gentle sea. You can endlessly admire cities with ancient history. You will be happy to let yourself get lost in natural parks, retire to relax in secluded bays surrounded by nature. Sardinia is truly an ideal world for permanent residence and recreation.

If you have an idea to settle on the island, let me know! I will select for you a house, villa, apartment in the most beautiful places of the island.