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The province of Pescara is the smallest in all of Abruzzo. Pescara is located between the slopes of the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. The western region of the province is completely covered with mountains, while the eastern one attracts with its beautiful beaches and azure sea. Rivers such as Atero, Tirino and Tavo flow through this area. There are also two artificial reservoirs that have a protected status: Penne and Alanno.

The capital of the region is Pescara. It is a major port and the largest transport hub in Abruzzo.

The name of the province comes from the word Piscaria, which means "fish market" in Latin. Pescara was established in 1927. During the Second World War, the capital of the region was almost destroyed by regular shelling, but in peacetime the city was quickly rebuilt and is now flourishing like never before.

Agriculture and fishing are best developed in the province. There are large ports and large industrial centers here. The tourist industry, which is a significant source of income for the province, is also well developed.

In Pescara, you can visit various modern museums and galleries that are dedicated to art, archaeological sites and folk art. A jazz festival is organized here every July.