Property in Teramo

Property for sale: houses, villas, apartments in Teramo, province of Abruzzo

The Teramo province is located on the very shores of the Adriatic Sea. As in most of the western provinces of Italy, the area is characterized by mountainous landscapes and foothills, with beautiful sandy beaches in the east. The largest mountain ranges are Gran Sasso and Laga. The rivers Vezzola, Vomano and Tronto flow through Teramo. The Vomano River flows into Lake Campoosto.

The regional center is the city of Teramo, which is twenty kilometers from the coast and forty - from the mountains. The province was created by the Kingdom of Naples in 1806.

Teramo has a well-developed industrial industry: building materials, ceramics and textiles. Pottery is a traditional craft of the Castelli artisans. Also c = there is a well developed real estate market, especially on the coast.

On the seashore are the "Seven Sisters" - an association of the largest tourist centers where you can have a great time enjoying the magnificent scenery, as well as high-quality service.

In the province, it is worth visiting the ancient Civitell fort, the ceramics museum in Castelli, the archeology museum in Giulinova and Teramo.

In the regional center there is an observatory that has a telescope with a diameter of 80 centimeters, as well as prestigious universities.