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The Province of Potenza is located in Italy's Basilicata region. From the west, the province has a small outlet to the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Back in 272 BC. NS. Potenza was captured by Roman troops. The Romans decided to rename the name of the region to Lucania. In the eleventh century, this area was annexed to Puglia, which was under the control of the Normans. In the 13th century, the province passed to the Kingdom of Naples. Only in 1861, with the unification of Italy, Potenza finally became a separate province again.

The greatest interest among foreign guests is associated with the regional capital - Potenza and its historical center. Here you can enjoy the views and walks of Matteotti, Piazza Mario Pagano and Via Pretoria. The best cafes, restaurants, pastry shops and other shops are located right here. The city has a very ancient history, as evidenced by a variety of monuments and museums.

The Prefecture is definitely worth a visit, a beautiful and graceful building that was erected in the 19th century. Among the places you should also visit: the theater, which was opened in 1865, with an amazing interior setting, the Cathedral of St. Gerardo in the heart of the city, which was built in the thirteenth century.