Real estate in Catanzaro

Property for sale: houses, villas, apartments in Catanzaro, Calabria region

The province of Catanzaro is located between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas. The minimum distance between the shores of two seas in the province is only 30 kilometers. Not far from the town of Marcellinara there is a small observation deck from where you can admire the beautiful landscapes of both seas.

The province is mountainous, with Serre Calabresi in the south of Catanzaro and Sila in the north. On the territory of Catanzaro there is the Sila National Park and Reserve, with various types of flora and fauna, some of which are very rare in Italy.

The capital of the province, as well as the region, is Catanzaro, which is divided by the valley into 2 parts, which are connected by the Morandi bridge. The bridge was erected in 1960 by the architect Riccardo Morandi and is the highest bridge in all of Europe.

The ancient Greeks called this area Italoi because of the king Italo. Emperor Augustus already called the whole of Calabria that way, and a little later the name began to cover the entire peninsula.

The most popular place in Catanzaro is Skvilacce Bay. Here you can find not only magnificent beaches and real estate with excellent landscapes, but also the ancient structures of the Normans, their castles, lush gardens and more. You can also visit the national museum in Villa Comunale, as well as the archaeological site in the Borgia.