Properties in Vibo Valentia

House, villa, apartment for sale in Vibo Valentia Calabria region

The province of Vibo Valentia in Italy is located on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea next to Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria. In good weather, you can easily see even the Aeolian Islands and Sicilian Etna. Immediately from the sandy beaches, there are sheer cliffs, followed by dense forests and mountain slopes. The capital of the province is Vibo Valentia.

The province was founded in 1996 when it separated from Catanzaro. The first settlements in the region appeared in 192 BC. NS.

The locals are mostly engaged in agriculture: the cultivation of olive trees, citrus fruits and more.

The settlements along the seashore are located on different levels of cliffs with facades facing the sea. This is a very beautiful and cozy property.

The best places to visit are the Aragonese castle in Pizzo, which was built in the fifteenth century, the castle of the Normans near Vibo Valentia, and the museum of archeology, which houses exhibits that date back to the heyday of Ancient Greece.

Another attraction of the province is the Cordopatri Palace, which was designed by Antonio Cordopatri back in 1784. It stands on the ruins of an even more ancient building that was destroyed earlier by an earthquake.