Property in Avellino

Property for sale: houses, villas, apartments in Avellino, Campania region

The Province of Avellino is mostly mountainous with some hilly areas.

It is the mountainous areas of Avellino that are less accessible, which is why they are the least populated. Due to the lack of people, valuable and rare plant species that cannot be found anywhere else have been preserved here. Wildlife here is very diverse and is represented by wolves, otters, badgers, newts, eagles and hawks.

The territory of Aveliono has been inhabited for more than one century, as evidenced by archaeological discoveries that date back to the sixth century BC. NS. Previously, the Sunni people lived here.

Until the second half of the last century, the province did not have a well-developed industry, only a few sulfur mining enterprises. The main trade was agriculture. Major changes began in the mid-sixties with the completion of the Napoli-Canosa di Puglia highway, which led to the rapid development of the region.

The province is famous not only for its affordable real estate and beautiful landscapes. The most prestigious vineyards are also located here. Thanks to the cool climate with frequent temperature fluctuations, grapes grow here densely and fertilely.