Property in Benevento

Property for sale: houses, villas, apartments in Benevento, Campania region

Benevento is a province of Italy located in the Campania region. The capital of the province is Benevento.

The province is located in the northeastern part of the region. The terrain is hilly and hilly.

The first documented data on the area represented date back to the second half of the sixth century. Already in the eighth century, the duchy turns into a principality. From the middle of the eleventh century, the inhabitants recognized the rule of the Pope and until 1860 the territory was part of the papal territories. Since 1860, the region has belonged to the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Also near Benevento, in 1266, a battle took place as a result of which Charles the First became king of Sicily.

The province's main income comes from tourism and services. Real estate in Benevento is varied: villas, estates, spacious apartments, which attracts not only residents of other regions, but also foreigners.

The natural beauty of Benevento, the large number of resorts, museums, galleries and other historical sites have contributed to the good development of tourism.

Places worth visiting in the province include Arco di Traiano, Chiesa di Santa Sofia and Centro Storico di Benevento.