Real estate in Salerno

Property for sale: houses, villas, apartments in Salerno, Campania region

Salerno is a province in Italy located in the Campania region. The territory is mostly mountainous, except for the area near the Gulf of Salerno, as well as the river valleys that stretch from the gulf to the northeast.

The locals are engaged in the cultivation of wheat, legumes, flax, olives, grapes and various fruits. Livestock breeding and fishing are also common here. All over Salerno you can find cotton trading posts, tanneries and glass factories.

The capital of the region is Salerno. First of all, you need to visit the "Merchant Street", visit the Chapel-Palatina, which was erected with the help of Roman stones, and go to the old part of the city to go to the rich and majestic Cathedral of San Matteo, which has the "Lion's Gate", a colonnade in Islamic style; and a lovely fountain.

Behind the cathedral is the Abbey of San Benedetto, which is now closed, and the Museum of Archeology, admission is completely free.

Also worth a visit is the Church of the Crucifixion and St. George, as well as the Medieval aqueduct.

Another prominent landmark is Areca Castle. It rises menacingly above Salerno with its high fortified walls, inside which is a rich collection of weapons, ancient coins and ceramics.