Property in Parma

Real estate for sale: houses, villas, apartments in Parma, Emilia-Romagna region.

The province of Parma is located in northern Italy. The Po River flows along the northern border of the province.
The economy in Parma develops mainly due to agriculture, many vineyards, dairy production in the form of the famous parmigiano cheeses. Also well developed is the production of ham, culatello, various types of salami, as well as elite brands of wine.

In Parma, be sure to visit the local opera at the majestic Teatro Reggio. He is known all over the world for his avid and passionate opera lovers. It is worth buying tickets for the performance in advance, as opera is extremely popular in the provinces. Every year, throughout October, the Verdi Festival is held here, which is dedicated to the lover of all Parma, Giuseppe Verdi.
In the provincial capital, it is worth visiting Palazzo Della Pilotta, which was founded in 1583. There is also the Academy of Fine Arts, Teatro Farnese, Bodoni Museum and much more.
You should definitely visit the Palazzo of the Commune and the Old Hospital, which was built in 1250 and then restored during the Renaissance.

Parma is renowned for its wonderful climate and wonderful landscapes. Buying real estate here, a simple apartment or a manor house with a vineyard, would be an excellent solution.