Real estate in Pordenone

Property for sale: house, apartment, villa in Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia region

Pordenone is a colorful province of Italy located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The center of the province is called Pordenone. The patron saint is Saint Mark.
The territory of the province covers part of the Carnic Alps, and then a strip of hills and long plains begins. The magnificent landscapes of the mountainous area, as well as the green expanses of the plains, impress the eyes of the people. Real estate in Pordenone is always in great demand.

The province has the best-developed engineering industries, electronics and electricity production, and wood processing factories. Agriculture is well developed in Pordenone, and in particular - winemaking. Local vineyards are famous for their delicious and quality wines, which are very popular with both the local population and drink lovers around the world. The service sector also contributes to the development of the province, thanks to the large flow of tourists every year.

Since 1981, on the territory of Pordenone, a silent film festival has been held annually, which attracts masters from all over the world.
In the province, it is worth visiting the Gothic-style Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo Ricchieri and the Cathedral of St. Mark.