Real estate in Viterbo

Property for sale: house, apartment, villa in the province of Viterbo, Lazio region Italy

Viterbo is a province of Italy that is part of the Lazio region. The province is an excellent representative of classical medieval antiquity. This is especially true of the provincial capital, the city of Viterbo, a visit to which can be equated with a journey back in centuries.

On the territory of the province you can see a variety of churches, palaces, ancient squares and narrow streets, which have retained their appearance since the tenth century. The only representatives of our time in Viterbo are smartphones and foreign cars.
We can say that the sights in Viterbo are the best preserved in all of Italy.
The main places worth visiting are the Palais des Papes, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Pilgrims' Quarter and the Great Fountain. And this is not even the whole list of places that are waiting for their visitors.
The big advantage of Viterbo is that here you will not find huge crowds of tourists walking from one attraction to another. Every interesting place can be calm and measured here.
One of the most popular holidays in the province is the third of September. Every year, for 750 years, local residents organize a procession in honor of the Holy Rose.