Buy property in Bordighera

Buying a Property in Bordighera is now a good investment. Houses, villas and luxury apartments can always be found here and bought.

The history of Bordighera is very rich. According to historical evidence, on the hills near the town of Bordighera, there were fortified Ligurian settlements dating back to the 5th century BC. During the Roman imperial era, an agricultural settlement was located in this area, near the Julius Augustus road, opened in 13 BC.

The papal bull of 1296 mentions a place with the name of Burdigeta, which was under the control of neighboring Ventimiglia. The founding act, however, refers only to 1470, when a fortified settlement appeared on the hill of St. Ampelia. The mild climate in the winter months, which exists due to the special position of the territory. The old town, rooted in the Cape of Saint Ampelio, is separated by Roma Street from the urbanized areas of the 19th and 20th centuries, where villas, elegant residences and hotels of the early 20th century follow one another, almost all in an exquisite Liberty style. Bordighera is known as the "queen of palms", but not only palms grow here, but also olive and citrus trees, Mediterranean shrubs. The nature here is a lush alternation of various greenery, in harmony with the urban development. We advise you to visit the Winter Garden, the Church of St. Mary Magdalene of the 17th century and the Oratory of the Apostle Bartholomew of the 15th century. The port of Bordighera is the last tourist port before the border with France.